Supplier 1

Terry Clegg

Terry was sighted serving in Borneo during the Indonesian Confrontation in 1965. He later remustered to Air Loadmaster and as a FS left the RAF in 1976 to live in Bognor Regis.

He now has the distinction of being the last man to be found on 30th June, 2021. He now lives in Hove and I hope to have more info in coming days.



Dave 'Itchy' Court

Dave left the RAF as a Jnr Tech in 1969 to live in Taunton and in 2016 still lives nearby in the village of Creech St Michael.


Rod Craycraft - ex 42nd

Rod left the RAF as a Sgt in 1974 and lived in Wantage, Oxon until his untimely death in Feb '10.




Mick 'Vicar' Dally

Mick remustered to Air Loadmaster in 1968 straight onto C130s at Lyneham. Last sighted as a MALM in 1994 whilst he was a VC10 Instructor. Currently living in Swindon, Wilts.



John Davey

John was commissioned in 1977.




Patrick 'Paddy' Dowling

Patrick left the RAF as a Jnr Tech in 1974 to live in Bedford and still there in 2012.



Terry 'Foxy' Fox

'Foxy' left the RAF as a Jnr Tech in 1971 as his services were 'no longer required' and he then joined the Army.



Gordon Gray

Gordon was an ex-Air App and our FSAA. He remustered to Movements Controller and did a couple of tours with UKMAMS before he PVR'd himself in Oct '85 from Upavon as WO Cargo Allocations. He then retired back to Wootton Bassett, Wilts.

He joined Honda in Swindon just as they were starting up with a pre-delivery inspection centre with plans the Japanese had for the future on the Old Vickers airfield. He stayed with them in HR to commence recruiting for start-up of engine and car production and continued there for nearly 17 years until retirement in Dec ‘03.

Just over two years after retirement Gordon, with his wife Brenda, decided to go and live in Yesilptepe west of Kyrenia in northern Cyprus. They lived there from Jan ‘06 returning to Wiltshire in Aug '12 .

Peter Hook

Pete left the RAF as a Cpl in 1973 to live in Stoke-on-Trent where he worked at the Royal Doulton glass company, starting as an estimator and finishing as Sales Office Manager, before being made redundant after 12 years!! He immediately got another job working for the Local Council becoming a Maintenance Officer in the Housing/Works Department where he remained for 23 years until retirement at age 64.

Pete enjoys computing, music, walking and travel particularly to Menorca his second home, if he had one!

Dave 'Len' Lacey

Len was initially posted to Grocer's HQ at Stafford and whilst there did a Movement Controller's course at Abingdon. Shortly afterwards was posted to Khormaksar for two years. With the Supply world behind him, he was posted to Lyneham, followed by tours in Malta, Germany, Falkland Islands and Belize. UK postings include Aldergrove, Odiham and Northolt.

Whilst working as WO i/c Pax Terminal at Brize Norton in 2000 Len finally retired to his home in Swindon. He spent a year working for a Mercedes dealership before moving to Coleford in the Forest of Dean, Glos. He is a member of his local Golf Club but hasn't revealed his handicap!

Doug 'Sharkie' Morgan - recoursed to 44th

'Sharkie' was sighted in Aden in 1967, remustered to Loadmaster in 1968 and - as a MALM - took a commission in 1985. He was at Lyneham on C130s until 1989 when he was posted to HQSTC High Wycombe (HQ 38 Gp Standards Evaluation) as Fleet Chief ALM Examiner on fixed-wing up until his retirement, as a Sqn Ldr, in 2000.

As a civilian Doug became Project Officer for Heavy Aircraft at Boscombe Down. This entailed being editor and SME for all Pilot's Notes, Flight Reference Cards and Check Lists. He finally retired in 2009 and is living in Trowbridge, Wilts.

As you may recall, Doug had an op whilst at AATS following a football injury. He continued to play for some years with similar results and now can't get through a metal detector.

Lester 'Dobbin' Munday

Sighted at Brize Norton in 1968 and also as a Sgt at Gutersloh in 1977. Les left the RAF as a FS in 1985 and settled in Gloucester. Sadly 'Dobbin' passed away in Oct '08.




Chris Peckham - ex 42nd

Chris was sighted as a Cpl at Odiham in 1972 and by 1986 was a WO. Now living in St Ives, Cornwall.




Gerry served at Hereford as an instructor in the late 70s and finally left the RAF as a WO in 1988 to live in Colerne, Wilts. He then became the Station Warden at Rudloe Manor before retiring at age 62.

Of sturdy disposition, Gerry gets out and about in his camper van even in February!


Alan Potts

Alan remustered to Movements Controller before being commissioned in 1979. He was sigjted as a Flt Lt at JSMC, Falklands in the early '90s and retired from HQSTC as a Sqn Ldr in Jun 1999.

Since retirement he lived in Las Vegas for ten years working for the local library and in Temecula, California for four years. Alan is now settled in Narbonne, France and does not plan to move again.

Peter Veazey

Peter left the RAF as an SAC whilst based in Uxbridge in 1968. He took up chauffeuring with his own vehicle and in 1978 he started the Heathrow Air Ambulance Service. Some 20 years later he set up Air Ambulance International in Houston, Texas where he now resides.

When 'at home' in Iver, Bucks; Peter still enjoys shooting - birds that is!!